Current Release: SA-MP 0.3.7 Players Online: 34078 Servers Online: 3164

About SA-MP

SA-MP is a free Massively Multiplayer Online game mod for the PC version of Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (tm).

SA-MP 0.3.7 Released :: Posted by SA-MP on 1 May 2015

SA-MP 0.3.7 is released! You can find it on the Download Page.

SA-MP 0.3.7 updates

- Over 500 new object IDs added, including stunt objects and land objects.
- Interface font size changing.
- Some new variations of the San Andreas cop skins.
- Server control of the car doors and windows.
- The ability to add sirens for unmarked cop cars.
- A simple static actor system to more easily create actor NPCs for shops.
- Many bug fixes and new scripting features.

Special thanks to Matite and GamerX server for contributing the new the object IDs. Thanks to everyone who tested the new version while it was in testing.

We hope you enjoy the new version. Please check back for any updates.

SA-MP 0.3z Released :: Posted by SA-MP on 13 Feb 2014

SA-MP 0.3z is released! You can find it on the Download Page.

SA-MP 0.3z updates

SA-MP 0.3z is mainly a security update for the SA-MP 0.3 branch. We've managed to include a few features and fixes too.

- An optional lag compensation mode improves sync accuracy.
- New server callbacks allow greater control over the game.
- Network statistics functions will make it easier to admin servers.
- Fixes range check errors in the server browser.
- Fixes problems with mouse control in the game menu.
- Many minor security updates for both the client and server.

Thanks to everyone who helped test 0.3z!

SA-MP 0.3x Released :: Posted by SA-MP on 31 Jan 2013

SA-MP 0.3x is now available! Go to the Download Page to get it.

SA-MP 0.3x features

- A new model preview system makes it easier to find player skins, vehicle types, and object models in-game.
- The draw distance of objects can be set to any distance, which reduces the pop-in on custom areas.
- Improvements to object and material colour changing.
- A better synced animation for players carrying objects.
- Vehicle friendly fire system for servers that use teams.
- Some new hat and hair objects added.
- Many important changes to SA-MP's networking system which reduces network overhead and improves security for server owners.

Thanks to anyone who tested 0.3x during the testing phase!

SA-MP 0.3e Released :: Posted by SA-MP on 8 May 2012

SA-MP 0.3e is released! As usual, the new version is on the Download Page.

SA-MP 0.3e features

- Many minor bug fixes including security updates.
- Loads of new objects for mapping, including walls and houses.
- Servers can now change the textures and colours of objects.
- New scripting features for greater control over the game's camera.
- New tools make it easier to edit attached objects.
- New animation and model for being cuffed/arrested.
- Text functions for creating custom signs.
- Servers have the ability to enable the mouse cursor so you can click on images/text.

Thanks to all who tested 0.3e and provided feedback! Please check back again for the next SA-MP update.

SA-MP 0.3d Released :: Posted by SA-MP on 1 Dec 2011

SA-MP 0.3d is released! You can find it on the Download Page.

SA-MP 0.3d features

- Support for Shoutcast/Icecast audio streams.
- Major performance improvements and smoother game-play.
- Improvements to sync, including vehicle passengering and motorbikes.
- New models, including a replacement mall, hot air balloon, fireman hats.
- You can surf on objects attached to moving objects and objects attached to vehicles.
- Servers can remove static buildings from the map.
- Moving objects can now rotate smoothly.
- Many new scripting functions and callbacks for SA-MP servers.

Thanks to all the players and server owners who helped test this new version.

SA-MP 0.3c Released :: Posted by SA-MP on 29 Dec 2010

A new SA-MP client and server update is available! SA-MP 0.3c can be found on the Download Page.

SA-MP 0.3c features

- A redesigned car license plate system
- Particle objects for effects like fire
- Includes new and re-worked models like hats and glasses which can be worn
- Includes new stunting objects and buildings
- Improved vehicle/object surfing
- The vehicle engines and lights can now be controlled by the server
- You can now passenger drive-by with almost any weapon
- Font colour changing in the chat and dialog boxes
- Quite a few server scripting improvements and bug fixes also

Special thanks for this release goes out to GamerX server and the SA-MP Beta Team who contributed artwork.

SA-MP 0.3b Released :: Posted by SA-MP on 21 Aug 2010

A security and bug fix release of SA-MP (0.3b) is now available on the Download Page.

This release also includes some new features and improvements to SA-MP. Here is a summary:

Updates for players

- Important client security updates
- Updates and fixes to the SA-MP server browser, including host name lookups for your favorites and samp:// URL handling
- Improved player and animation syncing
- Chat logging and time-stamping
- Files, including screenshots, now save to the GTA San Andreas User Files folder
- No restrictions on screen resolution size
- Several crash fixes and more

Updates for servers

- New vehicle velocity and rotation functions
- Ability to track all player animations
- Players can be scripted to hold objects
- A threaded HTTP client for pawn (beta)
- New object limit of 400 and the ability to change object draw distance
- Many bug fixes and more

As always, we hope you enjoy this update. Please check back again for more.

SA-MP 0.3a Released :: Posted by SA-MP on 17 Oct 2009

SA-MP 0.3a is released! As usual, the new update is available on the Download Page.

This is the first major SA-MP update since SA-MP 0.2 and there are more features and fixes than can be listed on this page.

Here is a short summary of some of the new features in SA-MP 0.3a:

- Up to 500 players per server and up to 2000 vehicles.
- New mouse driven scoreboard, chat and other UIs.
- Visible vehicle damage and vehicle repairing.
- NPC bots that can drive trains, planes and more.
- Completely server controlled game play.
- Improved sync including vehicle surfing.
- Many new scripting features.
- Many bug and crash fixes - SA-MP 0.3a is the most stable version yet!

We hope you enjoy the new SA-MP version and please check back for any 0.3 bug fix updates.

SA-MP 0.2X Released :: Posted by SA-MP on 20 Nov 2008

A security-related update of SA-MP 0.2 is now available (SA-MP 0.2X). You can find it on the Download Page. It is recommended that all SA-MP players and server owners update.

The SA-MP 0.2.2 server list will be discontinued. SA-MP 0.2.2 clients cannot connect to 0.2X servers.

This update includes fixes from 0.2.2 R3 client/server as well as the following:

- Fixed insecure handling of private messages.
- Fixed packet fragmentation/MTU issue.
- Various security updates to the netcode and connection logic.
- Security updates to the client binaries.
- Removed compression from the aiming vectors to improve accuracy.
- Added seconds to server logs and also shows raw incoming UDP connections.
- OnVehicleMod/OnVehiclePaintjob/OnVehicleRespray includes the origin playerid.
- Added OnPlayerUpdate, a callback fired for every player network update. This will help server-side anti-cheat.
- Limited filterscripts to 16.

The version of SA-MP previously being developed as 0.2.5 will become SA-MP 0.3 to avoid any confusion.

SA-MP 0.2.2 R3 Client Released :: Posted by SA-MP on 20 Jun 2008

To address a recent security problem, we have released the SA-MP 0.2.2 R3 client. It is available on the Download Page. This is an optional update, although highly recommended. The SA-MP 0.2.2 R3 client works on all SA-MP 0.2.2 servers.

Updates to the SA-MP 0.2.2 server are not required at this time.

Apart from security updates, the 0.2.2 R3 client also fixes some crashes/bugs from previous versions. The following updates have been made:

- Removed all SAC code. This fixes a security vulnerability mentioned earlier.
- Fixed problem with clipboard text not copying externally.
- Fixed time/fog/lighting flickering when the passing of time is disabled.
- Fixed some vehicle audio problems (silent cars/planes/boats/helis).
- Fixed texture lag/streaming popups when many models were loaded.
- Fixed some car mod shop crashes.
- Alternate siren for police vehicles is now synced.
- TextDraw code is completely rewritten. It now works in interiors and will disable with the scoreboard.
- Crashes caused by DestroyVehicle script are fixed.
- Imported some of the 0.2.5 vehicle surfing code.
- Added command /fpslimit to adjust the frame rate limiter. Valid /fpslimit values are 20-100.

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Gorgeous Prefabs Homes You Can Afford

Most of us have always dreamed of owning the perfect home and raising children and pets in them. However, owning a home is not a dream a lot of people have made reality because of the expensive nature of homes. If you have kids, you know that you will need a lot of space, which therefore makes trailers and tiny homes the wrong choice. A prefab home is the perfect answer for a family looking for a lot of space at a pocket friendly price. You can customize your prefab home to fit your style if you feel that its current design is not your taste. This article seeks to educate the reader on some of the most common and pocket friendly prefab homes.

Firstly, we look qt the HO3. You may think that shipping containers do not become good homes but one look at the HO3 is guaranteed to change your opinion. The HO3 is built by combining three shipping containers, which therefore makes this home one of the cheapest you will ever come across.

The next prefab home on our list is the ranch style C6,3. This home has two bedrooms and one bath and is one of the most spacious prefab homes. This house is built in such a way that you will always enjoy natural light and it is environmentally friendly because it relies on solar energy for power.

Thirdly, we look at the Nano home. This is one of the smaller prefab homes but it has the best features and designs. The Nano home is affordable for any budget.

The fourth prefab house we shall be looking at is the flex house. This house is very energy efficient and you can customize the finishes and cabinetry to suit your taste. The flex house is one of the most famous in the market because of its ability to recycle grey water and the fact that it is built on sustainable grown materials, which are environmentally friendly.

Another great prefab home is the Cozumel. If you love cooking, then you should look into the Cozumel because it features a very large kitchen and high ceiling, which therefore ensure that your home gets a lot of natural light during the day.The Cozumel is a tiny home and you can move it from one place to another.

The next home we look at is the domespace rotating prefab home. A lot of people ask about this home because it turns away from the sun during the summer and towards warmth in the winter. It is also very strong and can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes.

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Practical Ideas on the Use of Custom Promotional Clothing to Increase Your Business Productivity

On your day to day activities you can identify different features on peoples clothes. You may also have seen a name design or a photo of a firm that you have heard of. Companies now prefer the use of clothes to promote on their products. Do you think it is appropriate for you not to do the same? Having some of these ideas is one of the ways that you can improve on your business production. By this you will note that when someone wears that cloth the name of your company and the message that you are passing will be all over. Here are the things that the use of custom promotional apparel can improve on your businesss products.

The clothes that you use to advertise your company should let the one who wears them to be comfortable in public. You may have gone to a public meeting only to see that people are noticing the t-shirt with your companys advert. Many people may also have the courage to ask you questions about that firm. You will remind many people of your business even those who have been interested. You will give those who are interested in your company a business card.

The other way is that when you have your company advertised in clothes is like having a walking billboard. The difference between having an advert on clothes than on billboard is that clothes are more effective. This is because your business will be promoted whenever the one wearing it moves around. You will get to know about a particular company which advertises its products on billboards when you are around the area.

You will need to watch out when you are looking for clothes to advertise your products. What most people like wearing is also shown on the web. You will also find out that this site provides you with the information on the clothes are trending. You should go for unisex clothes like t-shirts. You can also wear a t-shirt at any occasion. A t-shirt is also a good selection because many people will be able to see it. Therefore adding value to your company.

You should know that there are very many merits when you advertise your company with clothes. One of them being the cost. You will note that when you decide to use clothes to advertise on your business, it will cost you less cash than any other method of advertisement. Therefore advertising your company on clothes can bring a large impact on your business.

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Tips To Keep In Mind When Looking To Choose The Right Home Replacement Window

It can be quite costly and tedious to maintain a home in good shape. If the home is not kept in good order, it will lead to many problems in the near future. It is, therefore, the duty of a homeowner to ensure that they do regular maintenance of their home. Windows are essential parts of a home. Windows risk cracking or breaking when it is used for a very long time. One would, therefore, need to replace these windows. There are many types of windows in the stores, and it would need you to research so that you can find the best. The following are some tips to help you get the most effective home replacement windows.

Understand and focus on your needs as you look for the best home replacement windows. There are a variety of windows to choose from in the market. Researching will help you choose whether you want vinyl, wooden or aluminium type of window. You may seek help from an expert on the kind of window to pick and how much it may cost to maintain the window. Ensure you focus your search on the kind of window that you want.

Consider the energy efficiency of the home replacement window that you want to choose. Owning a home can be a costly venture, and most people look forward to saving some money in the process. Therefore, ensure that you choose windows that are energy efficient. If you have an older window, it may be allowing the air that is produced by the heat, ventilation and air conditioning system to go out.

Consider the process that will be undertaken to install the home replacement windows. The process of installing a home replacement window is complicated and most people that tried to install them on their own have failed. It is wise to choose therefore a windows company that also provides installation and even repair services. Do some research on the internet on the available replacement windows dealers near you, and you can go ahead and inquire from them the amount that they charge for the windows and if they offer installation and maintenance services.

A window would be most effective if it had a warranty. In the market, products with warranties are likely to be trusted. Ensure that you confirm from the dealer on the kind of warranty that the windows have. This will save you from costs in the case of the window breaking a while after it has been installed. A warranty can be expensive, but it is worth having it. You will be able to trust the manufacturer more if the window comes with a warranty.

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Tips of Updating Your Website for 2019

There is a huge amount of money spent on digital marketing each year. This kind of money must, therefore, spend correctly. A portion of this money may be used for updating your business websites in order to meet the needs of the customers. The following are a few hints that may be used when updating your website in 2019.

Focusing on SEO is the first tip that you ought to consider when updating your website for 2019. In order to increase your business website traffic, you should come up with proper SEO strategies. It is significant to improve the rating of your business website if you use the right keywords, create new content regularly, and ensure that you have a far reach. This will make people visiting your website to spend some time on your articles and thus influence sales. Alternatively, the other way of enhancing your SEO ranking is starting a blog. Apart from the ease of access that customers get from new business blog, they will also find answers to some of the questions that might be disturbing them. If you update the content on the blog regularly, there is a high chance of reaching a high number of people due to the regular sharing. It is essential to update your website regularly if you want to keep in touch with the current trends in the market.

Creating a call to action button on each page of your website is the second effective way of improving it. There are great chances that you may have these buttons devoid of your understanding. Many website designers dont see the need of including these buttons while coming up with new business sites. It is worth noting that call buttons are very essential in aiding your clients to explore your site, leave comments, or even read another article. The call to action buttons must be updated regularly in order to meet the needs of new and old customers. When working on your page, language should also be updated regularly to meet the needs of different customers from different backgrounds. The responsiveness of your business website is likely to improve if you take your time to work on regular updates. In order to improve the ranking of your business, you ought to make sure that you assess this checklist for other essential hints. It will be easier for you to meet the needs of new and old customers who may be here quench their thirst for products and services. There are high chances of you closing down if you do not update your website for this new year.

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Ways Of Getting Cheaper Health care.
Many people have mental illness hence who have this problem you are not alone. These illnesses are health conditions that involve changes in the emotions of a person or behaviour. The condition is treatable, the affected individuals can also go with their daily life even if they have the condition. The good thing is that there are cheaper therapies that are available no matter where you are located.
Here are some of the tips on how to get a cheaper mental health care. The first thing that you are supposed to do is to talk to your insurance provider. You may find yourself already covered under your insurance hence talking to them is important, dont be afraid to call them to ask for clarification. You will spend less money when you use your insurance cover than paying for the therapy using your money from the pocket. Even if your insurance cover doesnt cover mental health there are many options for you. Many of the therapists understand the difficulties assocated when paying for services hence they offer a sliding scale. it means you will be offered a rate that you can afford.
You can also go to a teaching hospital or a local graduate school because you will be able to get quality care at a very cheap price. When you are a student then you have a chance of getting cheaper mental health services because most of the therapists know the pressure of being a student, for this reason they offer student discounts hence asking for the discounts is crucial. Going to a community clinic is also important. Every country has community clinics and are usually funded by the government hence they are cheaper and you will also get the best psychologists and counselors.
you can go to a group therapy because you can find them catered towards a certain health concern at a very cheaper price and even free sometimes. Therefore never neglect yourself that you cannot afford a therapy fee because there are many options that are cheaper and you can get rapid transformational therapy cheaper. To get the best mental health care research is essential. You can research by asking the people around for the best cheaper options in your area that offer good services. You can also research online because many mental health care providers have online platforms or social media pages where they advertise their services. Choose those that are affordable and have good customers reviews because this will tell you that they offer good services. You will many things and expand your knowledge concerning mental illnesses which is important.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Rebranding Experts

Branding can be depicted as the way towards having the capacity to advertise a specific thing and therefore, it is critical for a person to put resources into this kind of activity which we are going to take a look in this talk as we feature two or three things that one should think about rebranding. A bit of the reason why associations put a lot of resources in rebranding is with the objective that they may in all probability thrive in this time and age where technology has been accepted to be the essential part of organizations and the market is very competitive. In this talk, we are going to take a look at a portion of the components that people should put into thought when searching for the best experts in rebranding. One of the most important things to put into mind is the experience that the branding experts have since this means that you will have to settle for a company that has spent years and decades studying rebranding so that you can be comfortable knowing that they will be able to provide you the necessary rebranding strategy which will work well for your company. You should make sure that you look at the reputation that the association has and this will be to the extent that whether they can meet the client’s needs and one of the ways in which you can consider this is by conversing with past clients that they have recently overseen.

While picking a re-branding agency you moreover need to guarantee that they do genuine research on your market by confirming what number of people your new brand will very likely draw in with the objective that you will be in a circumstance to extend your traffic and besides the number of your targeted customers. With the ultimate objective for you to most likely get a good and real rebranding association, you similarly have to ensure that they can outfit you with estimates and quotes so you may be in a position to differentiate distinctive associations and settle on the best association reliant on their quote.

Just because you have hired a rebranding expert you should understand that the work does not end there and this is because you have to put in a lot of time and effort in order to ensure that the necessary changes that have been made are able to apply to your customers and enable you to convert more customers to your brand. With everything taken into account, we can say that rebranding is vital for any product that has been there for a huge parcel of time and thusly dealing with a reliable rebranding agency will ensure that you can remain mindful of the imperative challenges in the market and moreover ensure continuity of your business.

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Approaches For Selling Your House Very Fast To Pay Bad Debts

There are cases when you can borrow some money to solve your financial problems. When it comes to the repayment period, it is evident that the process of paying back the money can be very difficult. It is also evident that you can not only depend on your work to pay back the debt. When you want to pay the debt on time, you will be required to sell your house so that you can get money to pay so ensure that you find out how here.

This will be of great advantage when it comes to the credit score, this will enable your credit score to improve. When you want to sell your house be very fast there are a number of things that you should consider. This will be very good since you will be able to sell your house very fast.

It is very important for you to make sure that you put the equity into consideration. It is very good for you to make sure that you calculate the total debt you have. This will be very good for you, this is because you will know how much you are required to pay. The value of the house is also one of the main reasons things that should be considered, it is therefore very important for you to make sure that know the value of the house. The value of the house and should be more than the amount of debt you have. If the value of the house is more than your debt is very good, this is because you will be able to remain with some savings. This will be a win on your side, this is because you will be able to have a good credit score. The real estate market is also another key factor that should be considered.

Before you decide on selling your house, it is very good for you to make sure that you put its condition into consideration. Before you sell the house, it is very important for you to make sure that you renovate it. When you want to sell your house to be very fast, it is very good for you to make sure that you renovate it.

It is also very good for you to make sure that you improve the curb appeal of the house. This will make the house look very smart thus increasing very many customers. It is also very essential for you to make sure that consider the rent before you decide on selling your house. It is very good for you to consider renting an affordable house as you prepare to purchase another home.

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Guides to Do Before You Leave Your Home for a Vacation

The most exciting thing during the lifetime of most people is when they are going out for a vacation since there will be no more home responsibility and doing work activity that you do on daily. You need to change the location and environment that you are used to living and do all the time hence, you need to plan and go out for a vacation for a new experience in your life. It is stressing to plan a vacation so that you can leave your home in order since you have to do everything right to avoid ruining your experience when you come back. There are essential steps to do before leaving your home for vacation.

One of the things to do is fixing your thermostat in the position of optimal. You need to leave your home temperature to be in the right condition hence you need to stick to a specific range that is safe and you will be sure that there is nothing to worry about.

There is the step of turning your water off before you leave. You need to ensure that you turn off your water when you going out for a vacation especially for a long one this is because it is cost saving and you will be conserving water at the same time.

Keeping the water heater on is a guide to do when leaving. You have to leave the water heater on to avoid frustration when you come back due to the failure of system operation that leads to incurring cost for hiring the technician services to carryout water heater repair .

Cleaning the fridge and freezer is a step to do. You need to ensure that the freezer and fringe are clean by removing all the perishable food staff that can spoil before you return from vacation and deposit them trash bin to ensure there is a funny odor in the house.

There is the step of pausing mail and packaging delivery to do when leaving. The pausing of mail and package can be less concern at times especially to the ones who have no outstanding deliveries but it is safe to avoid the filling of the mailbox.

Opening doors and cabinets is also a guide to do before leaving. You have to ensure your doors and cabinet are open when you leaving to help the closet to be smelling fresh and the pipes will not freeze due to the all will be in order when you come back.

The unplugging unnecessary appliances are also a step to do. You need to leave the unnecessary appliances not connected since there are changes in temperatures that can lead to faults and this is putting your electronic at high risks.

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Examples of Product Packaging Designs That Every Business Enterprise Should Make Use Of
It is significant for every business to invest in the best product packaging design as it plays a crucial role in ensuring that the customers remain it for as long as it is possible just like the coca cola and Tiffany company did in addition to the Pringles as well. By drawing more attention from the target audience through the unique product packaging designs, the company eventually gets more sales in the end as well which is its primary reason for existence. One of the top reasons that make product packaging crucial is because it is highly profitable. Discussed below are some of the places where people should draw their inspiration from when it comes to creating product packaging designs in the market today.

First on the list are fit buns whose success story speaks for itself. They are high protein buns that are used to create men’s abs and were a collabo between a fitness center and a local bakery. Each of the package buns came with a coupon that allowed one to visit the fitness center free of charge which motivated more and more people to make their purchases and they eventually made about 3000 sales of the packages in addition to hundreds of gym memberships in just the first month. The above and many more cases in the market show that investing in great product packaging is one of the most effective secrets and tips to achieving more ROIs.

Next on the list of the innovative Trident product packaging which uses gum as teeth on its packaging which plays so well into the product’s claim and eventually helps to protect teeth. It allows a die-cut view into the mouth by use of either mustachioed gentlemen or the female red lips which explains why choosing the pink packaging background makes the interior of the mouth to look more natural. Being an award-winning packaging design in the market today, Trident product packaging design should adequately serve a business owner with a great packaging inspiration that they need. In addition to the designs above, there are also many other designs that people should look out for as well which include the 3M Solar Earplugs, Volksbier which is a beer product packaging and Spine Vodka St. Stephen product packaging, Beer Bright, CS Light Bulb, Note Headphones in addition to Poilu Paintbrush among many others.